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Praise In Poetry: Friday Edition

Since my teenage years, I have always enjoyed poetry, prose, and the written language. This obviously comes as no surprise, seeing as though I own and operate a blog, but I have always kept my writings fairly secret and tucked … Continue reading

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Giving Yourself Over To God’s Sovereignty

Sovereignty. Supreme or absolute power. Authority. The aforementioned words and phrases all represent the same basic concept, the ability and jurisdiction to rule over something and/or someone else. Now, as modern, and free-thinking/free-willed human beings, the concept of allowing and … Continue reading

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Dressing As Christ In The New Year

Don’t let the title of this piece fool you, I’m not encouraging you to brave January weather in robes and sandals (but feel free if it floats your boat), instead I am suggesting that we should all fashion ourselves spiritually … Continue reading

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In The Beginning There Was Grace

Welcome to by forbygrace.org, a blog created out of a desire and a need to express and share my new spiritual journey as a follower of Jesus Christ. By no means do I consider myself an expert on the Bible, … Continue reading

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